Assault on Highland.

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In this series based on the major game Halo, Green team of the UNSC was discovered by Human Rebel Brown Team of the URF and threatened to exterminate them. It is up to Davy Jones and his ragtag team to stop Daddyo, the leader of the Brown's, at all cost. Otherwise, they risk extinction.

Go back in time seven years before the Halo event, when the Human Insurgency and the United Nations Space Command clash into countless battles known as the legendary Brown Wars. Elites, Grunts and other aliens are in this too from the original Halo series. So get prepared for the greatest Halo spin-off yet (in action)!

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The film for the series will begin production as soon as all the cast members and maps have been complete. Good luck on reading this! The featured video is at the bottom to get a scoop of the Brown Team base.

I, Djpj, the founder of this wiki, has completed working on the script for Brown vs. Green: The Beginning of the Assault movie and is begining a prototype version of Brown vs. Green: Attack of the Green's. Soundtracks I customized with Star Wars music and music from Halo Wars are included in this as well as in the other planned movie.

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thumb|300px|right|This is a Video of Halo Reach: Forge World.

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In the video, you will find out some of the cool areas and "inspirations" of Brown vs. Green. Also for suggested map sites. The Bungie team will be your guide for this Episode. Halo, before its destruction, is the hive of Brown Team operations and equipment. A battle there made them lose the canyon area to the Green's. But that was just the beginning...

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I created this wiki so people could get a head start onto knowing my new Idea for the Halo Franchise. I always was proud of the way I saw my little, but big, wiki grow to show people on what I want to show in my community. I hope that the film franchise will be a hit and a success.

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In these images, these are the few images that will be posted in this wiki, varying from many many sources[pages in Halo Nation]. I don't know how to post up my pictures from Xbox Live, so if you have any tips, let me know.


Brown vs. Green: The Beginning of the Assault
Brown vs. Green: Attack of the Green's
Brown vs. Green: Daddyo's Revenge

So far, the screenplay, from 12/11, for Brown vs. Green I & II have been complete and screenplay for Daddyo's Revenge is underway.

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